Why Use Keyword Analysis..

If you had to sum up your website in just a few words, what would they be? It’s tough right? Your website has so much content it’s difficult to pick which words best describe your website; it’s a necessity for the search engines when examining the content of your website.

Keywords are a core element in affecting your web page visibility through the search engines. By using careful semantic choices along with keyword analysis, can make the difference of seeing your website appear on the first page or the tenth page of a search engine.

SEO Guru’s marketing team will examine the content of your web pages to help in finding the best selection of keyword phrases to be optimised, if done carefully this signals to Google and other search engines what your page is about, this is just one piece of the goggle check list when they crawl your website using a web crawler (Search Bot) these bots visit your web pages on a regular basis to decide which pages should be indexed into its database.

That means marketing experts, in line with the content writers ensure words as well as the phrases that best represent your company appear on the website. SEO Guru offers an all-in-one tailored solution, from design to development and marketing strategy.

There may be words and phrases that are semantically similar to the ones you’ve already used, but by including them in an umbrella of content you cover a variety of user keyword searches. It could be as simple as making sure your pictures have the right keywords associated with them, or it could require a top to bottom approach to integrate the required keywords for your business.

Either way the defining words and phrases need to be chosen carefully as these will be the words you want Google to index these phrases as you’re most important content.

By assessing the search competition for your required keyword phrases across other websites and selecting a combination of keywords that have a higher chance of conversion; we can then tailor your pages to signal to Google with the intention of increasing your search engine results.

There’s a tricky science to understanding what people will type into a search engine, our team have analysed how to pinpoint keyword phrases that have a better conversion rate.

We get the right kind of search visitors (Traffic) to your website; it’s done simply by unlocking the secrets of keyword analysis.